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Shane ref by XxSweet-CoffeyxX Shane ref by XxSweet-CoffeyxX

Full Name: Shane Kevin Miller
Nick Names: Shenie, She, Shann

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Status: Single 
Sexuality: Pansexual (seme/uke)
Species: IDK

Parents?: Mom n Dad
Siblings?: Only child
Related with: ------

Friends: Nicolas, Ryder, Hector
Enemies: Spencer
Crush: ----
Love Interest?: ---------

Personality: A very laid back person, sensitive, careful
Likes: video games, painting, guns, action, pubs, the social media on internet, nature, quiet, music, animals. 
Dislikes: rats/mouses, arguments, bullies, nagging parents, rules, rude people and getting left out/left alone
Passions?: Getting high
Fears?: Losing it
Small Facts: He prefers to keep his hair down, usual is dressed in colorful pants, his eyes shape are different than others, he always look tired and off place, his health isn't the best. He has hard times finding/keeping friends. He is still in sorrow from the father he lost. He stands up for himself even thought he has an easy way to start crying in a argument. He stays away from eye contact and bib open areas. He's very good at 
Self defense.

Work/Job: Part time job in a comic store
Bad habits?: Smoking, drinking, drugs, getting lost
Drug User: Trying to stop
Any diseases?: non
Allergies?: non

Special Language?: nope

Figure: Slim
Tattoos?: Non
Birth marks?: Tear drop on his left cheek and right hip.
Eye color: Pinkish
Voice: low 
Fur: soft

Fave Food: Chicken wings and potato salad
Fave Drink: Beer, soda, juice
Dislikes: rum and soup

Past: Shane had problems to fit in most comment places and most of all in school. He wasn't being picked on but there could be times people pushed him down and called themself better. He didn't have many friends and he wasn't having the best relationship at home either. His mother was one of his problems but yet he knew she couldn't do much because of his father. You see, Shane's father wasn't the easiest one to reason with, whenever he was wrong he was right. Whenever something happened he did a bigger deal out of it and most of the time Shane really wished himself out of there and he had no idea that his wish was soon about to come true.

Shane's story begins in his early years. He was 7 years old and he remember it so clearly. Who could forget such a horrible experience anyways? Well, he remember the exact time and day it happened. He remember himself sitting in the backseat of his mothers car on their way home from school. He told her how much work he had to do and complained about the fact that his friend Nicolas wasn't at school today again. The worry feeling came to him and he explained to his mother he did like to visit him. Just to make sure he was doing ok and as a mother how could she say no. The car turned around the corner to the down town sign and Shane had pressed himself up against the window just to watch the road while they went there.

With no clue on what they had got themself in to they passed the line of Lirius Street 48 and nothing was like the area at Shane's home. Shane knew that his school mate wasn't having the best times at home but both Shane and his mother took care of Nicolas whenever they could. They had the money for it, it maybe wasn't enough at times but they could live with it. The horrible moment got even closer when they stopped at the red light of the street. Shane sat back in the backseat of the car and gazed out from the window, not knowing what was about to happen next. With seconds, not even a min passed when it happen.

The clock was 3:14 pm a gun shot went lose and people started to scream in the area, people with kids kneeled down and hugged them dearly, men and women started to run in panic and Shane himself....leaned forward in the car, hiding himself. Things like this happens almost every week in Lirius Street and Shane's parents was so happy they lived far from it. Gun shots went lose almost two times week but there were no bodies to be found dead. Maybe it was just a way they showed themself better than everyone else thought Shane. He didn't know for sure. He cover his ears from the laud yelling and people screaming. He tried to image himself away, to happier places and when the car started to move....he said nothing and kept still for a long time. The car drove off with speed and from the rough turns made Shane hit against the car door making him yelp in pain. He open his eyes and remembers clearly what he said:

" M-Mom it hurts " he whispered. 

But the driver he faced wasn't his mother. It was a man, leather jacket, blue pants and he held his hands on the wheel with one gun in his right hand. Shane wide eyed by this and looks behind himself and saw two Police cars driving after them. When Shane looks back at the man he meet his eyes in the mirror. They didn't speak, they didn't show any type of fear to one another but they both where in deep trouble. The hunt for Shane's mothers car didn't last long when the tall man had fired two gun shots hit the police cars tire. The man won this round....but Shane was scared of his life to know what would happen with him.

5:43 pm The car stopped in the middle of no where. Shane had said nothing during the whole trip, he did cry a few times but only to be yelled at to shut up. He remember he saw the man was looking for something on his map but find himself lost. The weather was hot and there where no houses to be seen on the green big field. Soon enough the man got out of the car and opens the back door to where Shane was. To this day Shane remember their first conversation:

" Get Out " said the man to him. 
" What? "

With shaky legs Shane did what he was told and got out from the car, stood beside the car and saw the man slam the door shut. He felt the rough grip on his arm when he was pulled over to the other side of the street. He was going to be left behind wasn't he? The thoughts ran through his mind and when the man back over to the car he was ready to take off. But he never did. With teary eyes from Shane the man couldn't. He couldn't push himself in to leaving him behind. The quiet area had filled with Shane's sniffing and teary eyes.

From that moment the man was stuck with Shane. Someday or somehow he knew that Shane would leave him or escape whenever he could but that day never came. Shane had grown a bond with the misunderstood man and he never thought about going back home. For 11 years Shane was on wallpapers, missing and people where looking for him all over and after the first 7 years many people gave up. His Father did....and even his mother.

Shane lived with the man who's name was Ronald and his kid Hector who was the same age as himself. His boring life had turned in to something exciting and he knew he was selfish to leave his parents home worried. But those thoughts did he lose early in life when things got a little messy, he got himself in to trouble, he risked his life at times but he had no problem at all showing who he was anymore. Tho, those days ended when he woke up on the street, wasted, used, drugged down. He couldn't remember much. But he decided from that day he was gonna get himself better. With easy steps he left his gang, left his home to find his real place where he belongs.

Theme song:…


Not the best detailed story I have made and I wish it was a little better but that will do for now heheh ^^;

oh well :3 Shane everyone

Art and character belongs to me :heart:

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